Mantra Classes

Mantra are sacred utterances, a numinous sound, or Sanskrit phrases used as personal ritual for spiritual practice. The word mantra is derived from two Sanskrit words—manas (mind) and tra (tool). Mantra literally means “a tool for the mind,” and was designed to help practitioners access a higher power and their true natures. We at Sakshi Bhava would like to share these sacred tools with you so that you can benefit from this wisdom and use them to maintain balance and calm in your own life.

Learn how to chant, translate, and understand the traditional Indian mantras. We provide pronunciation practice, a deep dive into translation and the direct meaning of each mantra, and a detailed understanding of the tradition, theory, and uses of mantra.

You will walk away with a general peace, and deeper connection to the use of sacred sound through mantra.

Price List for Mantra Chanting

Individual Private Classes (Duration: 45 minutes) Group Classes (45 Minute) 4 Student Minimum Required
One Day : 800 each (2 students, 700 each) One Day : 600/each
One Week : 5000/each One Week : 4000/each
10 Day : 7000/each 10 Day : 5500/each
15 Days : 8,500/each 15 Days : 9500/each
30 Days : 20,000/each 30 Days : 17,000/each

Hindi Special Intensive Courses

20 Hours : 20,000 each 30 Hours : 28,000 each
2 hours per day with tea break 2 hours per day with tea break
Duration- 12 days Duration - 17 days
Total hours - 20 hours Total hours - 30 hours
Break during course - 1 day rest Break during the course - 2 days rest