About Our Yoga Teacher

Pushpa Ji

Pushpa is our key to Indian culture here at Veda Yogshala. She teaches Hindi courses, cooking courses, and gives lessons in mantra and Kundalini yoga.

Pushpa grew up in the small village of Swala, tucked into the mountains of Uttarakhand. Without the opportunity for education throughout her childhood, Pushpa felt her life change when she first came to Rishikesh at the age of 13. Her family moved into an ashram and she became thirsty for knowledge. She pushed herself to become a strong student and with the support from her mentors, she now boasts a Master’s degree of English, a Bachelor’s of Education, and a Bachelor’s of Hindi and Sanskrit. Because of her journey with learning, Pushpa Ji teaches from the heart, and is genuinely dedicated to sharing her knowledge with others. Take the time to get to know Pushpa Ji in any of our cultural classes at Veda Yogshala.

Jay Ji

Jay is passionate about sharing yoga here at Veda Yogshala. Jay spent his adolescence in an ashram where he was immersed in a yogic lifestyle from a young age. Whether he knew it or not, soon he would devote his life to sharing the science of yog. He teaches multiple styles of yoga, from pranayama classes, to classes tailored for beginners, to Ashtanga and Hatha.

He has an in depth understanding of human anatomy and body mechanics, and loves to build energy in his asana. Jay offers some of the best verbal cues and alignment adjustments around, and has hundreds of returning students who respect his experience and dedication.

Vivek Bijlawan Ji

Yoga has gained lots of popularity and fame in past some years it is now not only limited to the country of its origin, India while it is well known all across the world and this all is because of the efforts of talented and experienced Yoga teachers of India who has dedicated their whole life in building yoga and taking it to each corner of world. Today we are going to learn about one of the best Yoga teachers who have achieved a lot in very young age and are now working for the welfare of society by training others in Yoga, he is none other than Yogi Vivek Bijlawan who is practicing in the field of yoga since he was 10 years old.

He is the one who believes that Yoga is the only way which can make your mind, body, and soul in peace with balanced and well-maintained way. He has gained his expertise in the type of Yoga known as Ashtanga with great knowledge. He is one of the well experienced and professional yoga teachers who is currently working at the Vivekananda Yoga School and distributing his skills with other students by making his great efforts. Vivek Bijlawan is an enthusiastic and talented yoga teacher who possesses a gracious attitude and believes in providing all his best to the students by making them well trained.

He is performing yoga since his childhood and connected with it from his soul, he is having the background of Yoga and lots of his friends also practice yoga and meditation to keep calm and get peace. This was the point which encourages and attracts him toward yoga this was the starting point and after that, he has gained lots of fame and success due to his hard work, strength, and dedication. Vivek Bijlawan till now has gained lots of techniques for yoga and meditation. When first time he build up his interest in yoga he decided to go along with it and joined the Sivananda Ashram present in Rishikesh, India. This was the place where he deepens his yoga practices and learns lots of techniques and aspects of yoga.

After gaining a deep knowledge in yoga from here he moved to Mysore, this was the place where he got his most known talent which is Ashtanga Yoga, he profounds his achievements here in Ashtanga Yoga. Vivek Bijlawan says that yoga is not just an exercise it is much more than that, according to him yoga is the only way which gives the perfect way of making balance in between the body, soul, and mind by making them peaceful and relaxed.

He believes that yoga is the only field in which there is much more to explore which never ends and can help you in gaining a vast knowledge without even letting you skip in between if you are enthusiastic about it and can remain connected with it lifelong for completing his own passion. The best though which makes him different from others is his thinking that yoga is not just a profession it is a passion for him in which he wanted to achieve all heights for providing the Best Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.