Accommodation and Food


We provide neat and clean accommodation for our yoga students. We believe it is necessary to keep healthy surroundings for the proper study and integration of yoga. We offer single or double rooms with all modern amenities needed to ensure a comfortable stay, including hot and cold water, comfortable bedding, bidet toilets, and WiFi. All the rooms have connected lavatory with the power of twenty four hours hot/cold water and a western toilet in the room. Rooms are cleaned daily and bed sheets are washed on a daily basis or as requested.

Rooms at our centre are huge and ethereal with the experience of nature at its best! Our rooms are specifically designed with enough space to feel at home, and with peace and quiet for focused learning and restful meditation. Situated in the heart of Rishikesh, you are within feet of Ganga access, with mountain views and plenty of fresh air.

Yogic Food

We serve three nutritious vegetarian meals prepared using fresh and local ingredients from Rishikesh. We put a lot of thought, care, and love into your meals to ensure that you will feel re-energized, hydrated, and strong throughout the day. We understand the value of proper diet, and are here to show you through example how to eat a yogic diet.

Veda Yogshala provides balanced gluten-free yogic-diet which helps you to start your yoga session with positive energy. Meals include sufficient vitamins, protein, carbohydrate, calcium and other minerals, detox tea and juices. The right food will keep your body healthy, mind stable and soul relaxed. Also, hygienic and sattvic food provides you divine energy to do your yoga practice properly.