Hatha Yoga Courses in Rishikesh

A more traditionally sound practice of yoga, Hatha yoga is also a part of our course approved by Yoga Alliance. Hatha Yoga seeks to go into depths of meditative practices like Yoga-nidra, spiritual empowerment and pranayama and works on your mind. Slower practices and subtle postures give everlasting results, better awareness and an evolved self. Get into the deeper layers of life and change the patterns to get improved results.

Hatha yoga is becoming the most popular style of yoga desired by many practitioners. The asanas in Hatha Yoga requires discipline and respect between the asanas and our body. It is the practice of balancing mind and body which is a bridge between is the breathe observance. Asanas alone is just an exercise but when we practice along with breath control and physical movement – is means Yoga.

Since our body represents Sun and Moon energy – we are balancing the both energy into neutral and nothingness. ‘Ha’ represents ‘Surya’ and ‘Tha’ represents ‘Moon’ which means masculine and feminine. Here, the purification of mind and body happened as well as deep awareness will lead the way to spirituality. The asanas are very helpful for the balancing the Autonomic Nerves Systems - sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. For example, when we practice asanas, we increase sympathetic and when we practice shavasana or meditation we increase parasympathetic.

Benefits of Hatha Yoga

  • A flexible body can be gained through asanas.
  • Prevention of common stomach ailments and other diseases.
  • Meditation and body purification create a cheerful face.
  • Control over the mind through all of the above.
  • Increased awareness throughout oneself.
  • Purifies the nadis.
  • Breathing practices bring a sense of well being.
  • Live a lifestyle based on principles and ethics.